Programme Management

Devise Construction employ a professional and dynamic programme management team. We are awarded many high profile projects as a direct result of our ability to present proposals in 3, 4 and 5 dimensions.  

Devise Construction utilise enviable industry software, enabling us to increase transparency and  provide accurate information on timelines, costs and resources. 

Interface Management

Devise Construction is unchallenged when it comes to delivering projects on time. Our high standards are set by employing an intelligent interface management system.  

Our stringent procedures on communications between government bodies, local authorities and subcontractors, ensure we are well positioned to deal with even the most complex of projects.

Civil Engineering 

Devise Construction boasts expertise which enables us to access projects with complex civil engineering requirements.  

Our collaborative partnerships ensure projects are delivered to the highest possible standard and are effective in saving time and money.  

Engineering Design

Devise Construction employ an experienced team to advise on engineering design and technical advice. 

Creating innovative solutions, the team is an invaluable resource to the company and frequently partners other organisations outside the Devise Group. Our portfolio covers an extensive range of projects with varied requirements including land surveying, geotechnics, materials selection and specialist advice.  

The team aim to deliver cost effective solutions, which are designed on an in-depth understanding of the project needs.  

Technical Services

Devise Construction harnesses the best of breed technology for the construction industry, allowing us to win major contracts in both the public and private sector.  

Our technologies not only enable our clients to visualise their goals, they are crucial in ensuring projects can be delivered on time and within budget.  

Our investment into technical services allows us to take advantage of advanced project delivery toolsets, marking Devise Construction as leaders in our field.



Devise Construction combines a history of successful design and building projects with a forward thinking approach that employs the latest technology for new builds, conversions, extensions, modular programs, interior design and frameworks.



Devise Interiors offer contemporary design, sensitive restoration and innovative solutions. We work alongside our clients to understand their needs and personality, ensuring both are reflected in the end result.

Recent Contracts Won...

No 10 The Abbey, Wymondham - 20 serviced apartments conversion from former hotel

- £500,000

12 new builds - built from full spec drawings, including road structure, Newton Flotman

- £1.2m

Barn Conversion, Wymondham, turned into veterinary surgery

- £546,300

12 new builds - built from full spec drawings, including road structure, Newton Flotman

- £1.2m

Barn Conversion, Wymondham, turned into veterinary surgery

- £546,300

Yarmouth Road, Norwich, conversion plus new build into 25 dwellings

- £1.9m

Heath House, Norwich, care home conversion into 19 retirement apartments

- £600,000

Ashwellthorpe, Norwich, barn conversion into three separate dwellings

- £900,000

The Lodge, Norwich, 19 serviced apartments conversion from former hotel

- £600,000